Main Duties:
   1. To implement the state laws and regulations, ordinances, guidelines and policies in the field of town and country planning, land and geological mining resources management; to draft local laws, regulations and policies concerning urban planning making and planning implementation, land and geological mining resources, and guarantee their implementations;
   2. To participate the making of annual, mid- or long-term planning for the city’s socio-economic development and physical construction; to organize the making of city comprehensive planning, district planning, detailed planning of important areas and other planning mandated by the Municipal Government in accordance with the overall program of socio-economic development strategies; and to coordinate and comprehend the other specialized planning; to guide the districts and counties to make planning within their responsibility range; to review and pass local plans as authorized by the state laws;
    3. To make the mid- and long-term planning including land use comprehensive planning, mining resources protection and development planning, geological hazard prevention programs, and so forth, in accordance with the municipal socio-economic development master plans; to be in charge of the making and implementation of the annual plans of geological exploration; and to make the annual plans of land use and development with the other departments in the Municipality, and their implementation after approved;
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